Runaway Train Caught: READ ALL ABOUT IT!

So the inevitable happened, and Matt Tyrer came to UTC Studio to record hot synth nonsense. As I may have mentioned before, Matt & I have been collaborating for the best part of eight years, but it's been a good four since we worked together on anything I've written, so it was an absolute treat to hunker down in a studio again and listen to him go nuts. It won't be too long before you get to hear the fruits of that, as the recording work is finished, the mixes approved, and the tracks are now being mastered. Soon we will be announcing release dates and gearing up go mad on your asses, so steel yourselves, and prepare for noises. In the meantime, I present to you: SIERRA BRAVO (artwork by m

"I know all the words, but sometimes they just won't be heard..."

So that was Alsager Music Festival! It was a really fun day, despite having woken up with a persistent headache (in fact, when Duncan came to pick me up, he asked me twice if I was alright, but stopping off en route for some paractetamol soon set me right). After Tin Chapel's excellent set, we set up shop and plugged in. While getting levels, I started busking Crowded House's 'Private Universe', and caught someone singing along, which gave me thoughts for future gigs... It was a fun set, despite having a few chronic lyrical mind-blanks, which led to me improvising an acknowledgment during our rendition of 'Don't Tell The Folks Back Home'... The Lodge's beer garden was packed, and fun to pl


Hello! Here we are again, so much to say, so much to do. First off, I want to push you towards coming to see me & Duncan play a show at The Lodge for Alsager Music Festival, so I invite you to stare at this: Secondly, MUSIC VIDEOS! Our DROMA pals have been making videos left right & centre recently (well, left and right, to be fair, as there are two, but you get my drift. First off, SBT's Futurewife project released a video for 'In Our House', which you can see thusly: Not only that, but Don't Call Me Ishmael released their video for 'Blood Is Thicker', which is a tasty slice for their upcoming album, which I can't wait to hear. Feat your eyes & ears, like so: Thirdly, EP PROGRESS! We'v

AMF Eternal

You can’t beat a really dated post title, and that was a really dated callback.  Anyhoo, exited to be playing Alsager’s Musc Festival at The Lodge in a couple of weeks.  I went last year to see Wilcox:Hulse, TASKRZ & Don’t Call Me Ishmael, and the year before that (or it could have been the year even before that), I played alongside Matt Tyrer as a member of his band.  It’s a lovely weeekend and always fun to be a part of it. So this year I’m taking a project in to perform again, and how many Vapours will be performing remains to be seen.  It could well be me and Duncan doing our acoustic thing again, and if so, expect a relaxed session of songs we’re working on & maybe even some oldies from

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