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Frequently Unasked Questions

We believe that you have a right to get to know us a little better, and we're committed to answering your questions.  Feel free to tweet @aotvband or email, and we'll answer as soon as we can.

Thank you to all mysterious benefactors, who have supplied the below questions.  If you would like to be a named contributor, please specify when you get in touch.

Who the hell are 'Attack Of The Vapours'?!

Attack Of The Vapours (or 'AOTV', for short) is a studio-based collaborative musical project started by John MacLeod following the cessation of his previous band.  There will be a live line-up for the performing of their music, which will bear some resemblance to the studio crew, so stay tuned for personnel announcements.


What sort of music do you play?

Whatever we fancy.


Do you have any songs we can listen to?

Our first EP, entitled 'Here Comes The Brim', is now available on iTunes, Spotify, and other digital platforms, but if you really want to charm us, go to our Bandcamp page.

What is your favourite song?

JM: Varies from day to day.  For me it might be Cardiacs' 'Buds & Spawn' one day, or 'Better Living Through Chemistry' by Queens Of The Stone Age the next.  Right now, it's 'Long Time Away' by Shearwater.


Favourite hobby?

JM: When not musicking, I like drawing cartoons, but my favourite way to de-stress is playing computer games.  I'm not great at them, but it's still fun.  UPDATE: I've also taken up X-Wing Miniatures Game, which is a great Seasonal Depression Beater.  It's great fun, not to mention a bit addictive.


When/how did you start playing music?

JM: In 1998, I saw Neil Finn's first solo tour, when he released 'Try Whistling This'.  I had fallen in love with Crowded House in 1996, just as he ended the band, and they had been quite an inspiration to me.  I left the Manchester Apollo thinking "Yep, I want to do that!" then I went home, and a week later I taught myself some Crowded House songs on my dad's Eko acoustic guitar.


I ordered a pair of replacement sunglasses from your Deptford branch, after my uncle sat on them because he doesn't look before he gets in my car.  EVERY time he does this, last time it was a special edition McDonalds tumbler, now my sunglasses, the clumsy great oaf.  They still haven't arrived, has there been a delay with my order?

Probably.  We have no idea, tbh.


If you could play gigs in another country, which country would you choose and why?

JM: I'd play everywhere and anywhere I could!  I'd love to play in Ireland, there's a lot of artists from there whose music I love, and same goes for New Zealand.  I also know someone who lives in Germany who'd love to attend a show, so we're duty-bound to go there should the chance arise!


I seem irrationally angry at the world, and blame everything on women, foreigners, the working poor, the poor, and the handicapped.  What's wrong with me?
You seem to have hit puberty.  Try growing up a bit, and stop being scared by the newly-formed downy hair appearing in all sorts of new places.  Oh, and stop blaming those less advantaged than yourself for the fact that you're a white supremacist idiot baby.  Learn to love yourself, and love for others will surely follow.


How did you come up with the band name?

JM: In a not-too-distant former life, a band that we were in was having an identity crisis, and a name change had been decided upon.  This led to a fortnight of brainstorming text messages, and I was keeping note of the ideas I really liked.  Matt Tyrer threw Attack Of The Vapours into the ring, and it just stuck with me.  Then the band broke up, and I decided that would be the name of the new project.  And now Matt Tyrer's back!

My dad says that the government is trying to control all our minds with drugs in food, water, and air pollution.  Is he right?


Is there a topic about which you'd like to write a song, but haven't yet done so?

JM: It's really hard to write current affairs-type songs and make them not too preachy or dated (they can date really easily!).  I've been trying, but there's still some editing to do to take out the worst bits.  A while ago, Matt Tyrer was getting drawn into combative discussions with cretinous chemtrail enthusiasts, and we really want to write a song about that.  We've got an idea, we just haven't finished it yet!

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