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Runaway Train Caught: READ ALL ABOUT IT!

So the inevitable happened, and Matt Tyrer came to UTC Studio to record hot synth nonsense. As I may have mentioned before, Matt & I have been collaborating for the best part of eight years, but it's been a good four since we worked together on anything I've written, so it was an absolute treat to hunker down in a studio again and listen to him go nuts.

It won't be too long before you get to hear the fruits of that, as the recording work is finished, the mixes approved, and the tracks are now being mastered. Soon we will be announcing release dates and gearing up go mad on your asses, so steel yourselves, and prepare for noises.

In the meantime, I present to you:

SIERRA BRAVO (artwork by me):

And THE IMPARTIAL AGE (artwork by Nat Jovanovic):

Until next time,

John xx

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