I Will Feed You Bees

It seems that a very long time has been spent talking up the songs that will eventually appear on our sophomore EP, ‘The Impartial Age’.  From inside the AOTV bubble,* progress has been speedy & slow all at once. There are many stories that pair up with the planning & making of this EP - not to mention our forthcoming debut single** - but I won’t crash through them all now.  I will tell you that our initial recording session in October more than broke the back of the recording process.  One weekend at the start of the month saw the drums, bass guitar, electric guitars, and vocals worked through, with time to spare for a spot of upright bass.  It was phenomenally productive. What we have run

JACK & SBT NEWS: ‘Trials’

Hello again, Ever present with news of our dear Vapours, this week TASKRZ (Jack & SBT’s band) re-release an old classic of theirs, ‘Trials’, and it’s OUT NOW. You can get it here, and your ears will thank you for it. Also, Jack is firmly ensconced in his ‘52 Reasons’ project, recording & releasing one song a week for a year.  It’s going nicely, as you can find out here. JM

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