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"I know all the words, but sometimes they just won't be heard..."

So that was Alsager Music Festival!

It was a really fun day, despite having woken up with a persistent headache (in fact, when Duncan came to pick me up, he asked me twice if I was alright, but stopping off en route for some paractetamol soon set me right).

After Tin Chapel's excellent set, we set up shop and plugged in. While getting levels, I started busking Crowded House's 'Private Universe', and caught someone singing along, which gave me thoughts for future gigs...

It was a fun set, despite having a few chronic lyrical mind-blanks, which led to me improvising an acknowledgment during our rendition of 'Don't Tell The Folks Back Home'... The Lodge's beer garden was packed, and fun to play for, which is always a good thing.

After us was China Tanks, who played a storming set, utterly brilliant. Go check 'em!


Forty Eight

I've Still Got Your Blood On My Curtains

Don't Tell The Folks Back Home

Ghost Of Hope

Brain Shocks

Two Hearts Are Better Than One <Sometimes>

Please Come Home

...Job Satisfaction

Next stop, Tunstall...

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