Well Ticked Off

Now, I know what you’re thinking - you’ve seen the title of this post, and now you’re expecting an explosive tirade against all who have wronged me (it’s a big list, to be fair, and that would take a long time to write). But no, that’s not what you’re getting.  Instead, I bring glad tidings that we have been verified on Spotify! So now you can head on over and follow us there in an official capacity and, moreover, you’ll be notified when ‘Sierra Bravo’ and ‘The Impartial Age get released! COMING SOON:  An artist playlist, especially for those Spotifisters* among you who like to know what we like. JM * I know “Spotifisters” sounds wrong as a term to describe Spotify users, but that’s not goin

GIG REPORT: The Underground, 31/03/2018

Some months ago, we were booked for 2018’s Your City Festival , the second annual iteration following last year’s successful debut.  We were joining Rival Bones and Six Foot Psycho in supporting King Kula, which is a pretty damn solid lineup.  As AOTV can be pretty much anything, I accepted the booking and worked out the finer points of the gig later.* It initially looked like I would be flying solo, but Duncan, with a fortnight or more to spare, became available.  As it was likely to be an acoustic set, we opted for a novel approach - supporting three loud rock bands with an acoustic guitar and an upright bass, because why not?  I’d certainly never done that before, and the prospect enterta

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