What You've Lost In Job Satisfaction, You've Gained In Having All Our Music On SoundCloud

The other night I discovered that while trying to get everything ship-shape and Bristol-fashion for The Impartial Age release, I had completely left SoundCloud out of the equation. Even going back to Here Comes The Brim, only 'Misfitz' was floating about! Obviously, this will not do. Without further ado, the full gamut of available AOTV recordings was duly uploaded, so if you head there now, you'll find everything. Even a demo I made covering Cardiacs' 'Is This The Life?'. What you will also find is our EPs loaded as albums on our profile. For funsies, they're also below and on the album pages for both EPs. Here Comes The Brim: The Impartial Age: Happy listening, and until next time... J

John's Gig Diary - Artisan Tap, 'The Impartial Age' Launch, 25/10/2018

The EP came out, and the only job we had left to do was to give it a decent send-off.  For this, we convened at Artisan Tap, in Hartshill.  I figured that, seeing as I live ten minutes' walk (at most) from the venue, I would take my gear across in two trips, especially seeing as my amp (being digital) isn't that heavy - certainly not as heavy as my old Laney GC50.  It turns out that the short walk is still slightly too far for comfort even when you're carrying a Marshall CODE 50. Sadly we didn't have Matt Tyrer with us for the show due to circumstances (much love to our Synth Wizard and Lord Of Door Noises), so it was myself, Jack, SBT, and Duncan.  After a modest soundcheck (during which I

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