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This ain’t The Impartial Age, EXCEPT IT IS.

So it’s finally arrived.  Our li’l baby, the second EP to bear our name, has been launched into the ether.*

So welcome, then, to ‘The Impartial Age’!  Our specially-dedicated page for The EP will give you loads of info about it, including lyrics, who done what, where you can get it, and even a track-by-track commentary about the songs.

It’s taken time and effort, and now it’s out there, I’m really proud of this EP, I hope you enjoy it.  Meantime, our launch party at Artisan Tap is tonight, and we’re supported by Kez Liddle, coincidentally one of our supports from the debut EP launch.  It seemed fitting.

John xx

* I seem to have chronically mixed metaphors, there.  Never launch a baby into the ether.

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