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WELCOME (back) to Attack Of The Vapours

Welcome, jolly traveller - welcome back to Attack Of The Vapours.

For many a year, partially due to lack of inspiration, partially down to a fucking great big pandemic, I have lain fallow, fighting to regain some enthusiasm. Along the way I have found such boosters as playing in a band called Borogoves, and also forming a poetry/music combo with Emily Rose Galvin in the form of Rose&Cloud (all of which is ably detailed in a previous post), but nothing has fully made me want to play my own bloody songs in quite some time, until fairly recently.

So yes, you may take this little NEWS post as a statement of intent - I am enjoying performing again, I've played some really fun AOTV solo sets lately, supporting Rogue Turpin at the Artisan Tap, and just this weekend gone, playing Lymelight Festival 2023, and by 'eck they were really fun gigs, and I enjoyed them enormously.

Updates will be coming to this 'ere website, including a batch of photos taken at Lymelight by Bethan Shufflebotham (one of which you can see accompanying this post).

So - in lieu of further updates, welcome back to AOTV - if you've seen me for the first time in the last month or so, I hope you become a frequent visitor, do feel free to peruse the goods on display, and I will see you soon. Next stop: an instore performance at HMV Hanley, 13th May 2pm!


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