SBT News: Futurewife Debut EP Released!

Back on the last day of September, as we recorded drums and the like for ‘The Impartial Age’, SBT and I took a break while Duncan recorded some bass guitar.  We set the world to rights for an hour, and SBT told me about the project she’d been planning, called ‘Futurewife’.  Electronic sounds were promised, and she’d recently found her mum’s wedding dress in which she was going to have some photos taken, which would look awesome. Well, guess what?  It’s out, and it’s called ‘The Nicest Day’.  It’s superb.  Get it bought and into your ears.  You can stream it on Spotify and Apple if you want, but you wanna buy it direct, right? Also:

Piece By Piece

It could not be denied that while AOTV is a hotbed of fiery-hot burning rock projectiles heading straight for your ears, we are also a bunch of busy adults with lives, families, and grown-up commitments.  This is why, now that the Christmas and New Year’s dust has finally settled, and January has been firmly swept under the carpet, we are now getting to add new layers to the songs we’re working on for the 2018 Attack Of The Vapours releases.  This means that Jack is currently doing what he does best - augmenting & transforming the songs with extraordinary guitar parts.  Still more to come, but what you’ve got to look forward to is really something. Until next time, John x

New News

Good day to you! Now I've done my old news-splurge, it's time to bring you a new-news-splurge. Work continues apace on our sophomore EP and first-ever single. Now that the dust has settled on Christmas, Jack & SBT's label DROMA Records has got plenty going on, with the release of the TASKRZ single 'Hogs From Hell', Emily Jones' 'A Turn Of The Tide' EP, and Jack's one-song-a-week project '52 Reasons'. Also now up for preorder is 'The Nicest Day', the debut EP from SBT's project 'Futurewife', which SBT had been chatting about when we started recording 'The Impartial Age'. So - 'The Impartial Age', then. Not to mention 'Sierra Bravo', which will be our first single release of 2018. Artwork

Old News Backlog

I am about to switch from having a constantly updated text-box full of news to using a custom blog with news updates, which is something I can't believe I hadn't thought of when I created this website a few years back. So in the spirit of there being something you might want to read from the old news updates, you can read them here! Go nuts. 16th October 2017 Sing Along At Home! Good evening! (Depending on when you're reading this.) ​ Those among you who enjoy a decent singalong when listening to music will be delighted to learn that you can, if you want to, get the lyrics to our debut EP from the new 'Here Comes The Brim' Lyrics Page! ​ Go forth, sweetpeas, and belt 'em out! ​ John xxx ​

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