A Gust Of Wind

So that was Lymelight!  I was there from Saturday to Monday, and it was another excellent event, and saw superb sets from Jay Johnson, Kez Liddle, Don’t Call Me Ishmael, Dirty Vertebrae, Sherry Counsellors, Thieves Asylum, Merrym’n, and more besides.  The weather was as good as it’s ever been for Lymelight Festival, and it gave a lot to the good vibes of the event. On Saturday by about 5pm, the crowd was big in numbers, which I was hoping would be a strong portent for the following day, and I’m glad I wasn’t let down by that.  I did also wind up getting interviewed on BBC Stoke at about quarter to nine that evening. On Sunday, I came to watch everything in the early afternoon, and was kinda

The Lymelight Approach

Well, we weren’t sure it would happen, but at the Eleventh Hour it did.  I of course mean this year’s Lymelight Festival, held in the centre of Newcastle-under-Lyme’s town centre.  Last year we held court on the main stage on the Saturday afternoon, and this year we’ll be making noise on Sunday at 5:10pm. As part of the panic of being a last-minute addition to the bill, Duncan & I needed to make it a full band set.  Playing the Underground acoustically was cool, but it wouldn’t do, not for this.  We got the call with a fortnight to spare, and Matt, Jack & SBT weren’t available for proceedings, so Duncan set about a mad-busy few hours of making calls of his own & and set us up with some sweet

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