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Secrets die, the keepers lie...

Hello, my pretty cabbages.*

So, here we are, blundering into the darker evenings, chiller breezes striping our cheeks, and we descend into that hell-time where warmth and daylight desert us. Only this afternoon, greyness descended at my place of work, and at about 5:15pm the striplights turned on around the building. Winter, as I have heard it said, is coming.

Anyway! Not to turn you all into gloom-mongers such as myself, I come with good news! 'The Impartial Age' is almost ready to drop into your sweaty palms. There will be more actual information to come, along with whole entire pages of this site devoted to it, but I wanna drop you a quick note to say THIS EP NEARLY KILLED MY BRAIN.**

Writing the songs felt like one of the hardest things to make myself do, as the events about which they were written put me into a creative lockdown. It helped that a couple of the songs were written beforehand but stayed somehow relevant, and I think this did help me to break off into new songs. Finding the words to articulate my sadness & rage did not come easy, but come they did, eventually. One song wandered in through the door, proverbially speaking, just before the recording sessions started.

Arranging the sessions was a job and a half, being postponed twice to accommodate shifts in the lineup, and after they were done, following a day of mixing, I was convinced that we were sorted. However it wasn't until a thorough listen weeks afterwards, that issues were presented that I would have overlooked were it not for a solid set of ears belonging to Matt Tyrer, who it seems has always been at my right-hand side.

So, the issues have been put to bed, and the EP is definitely ready now. More news as it arrives.

John xx

*Probably not the best way to endear the fan-base we may already have, but you are pretty, not to mention cabbage-like.

**Do pardon the shouting, but I had a spot of water stick in my right ear this morning, and I keep feeling like tilting my head to see what falls out.

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