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It's almost upon us. The first new AOTV release in almost 2 years is due to hit your eardrums in exactly a week. That's right, one week. So before it comes out, I thought you'd like to know that I filmed a video for the single with nearly everyone's favourite member of Merrym'n, Bob Moston. To say a great deal about the process would be to spoil what should be a very interesting/amusing/ambiguous piece, so suffice it to say that we had a great time hopping from locale to locale, on a very hot August Sunday, and while the area's was almost sleepily thin on the ground, the commentary from passers-by was quizzical, and in one case, almost absurd quality.

Before I relate this particular nonecdote, I will entreat you to what will be the cover of our single, 'Sierra Bravo':

So, at one point we were walking along a canal, and a man in his barge glanced across, saw what I was carrying, and said "In the doghouse, are ya?" and laughed. This statement would explain the flowers, but the giant yellow mask?! Not so much.

Anyway, while we await the release of the video, I have set up the new AOTV YouTube channel. The URL is currently gibberish, but I have it on good authority that if 100 people subscribe to it, I will be able to change the URL to something more memorable, so guess what? I really want you all to subscribe to our YouTube channel so I can get that sorted. I've put the tracks from 'Here Comes The Brim' on there with some fancy graphics, so there is something to watch when you go there.

So there we are! Stay tuned as we release 'Sierra Bravo' into your ears, and we're really excited for you to hear the song and see the video. Until then, see you around!

John xx

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