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Hello! Here we are again, so much to say, so much to do.

First off, I want to push you towards coming to see me & Duncan play a show at The Lodge for Alsager Music Festival, so I invite you to stare at this:

Secondly, MUSIC VIDEOS! Our DROMA pals have been making videos left right & centre recently (well, left and right, to be fair, as there are two, but you get my drift. First off, SBT's Futurewife project released a video for 'In Our House', which you can see thusly:

Not only that, but Don't Call Me Ishmael released their video for 'Blood Is Thicker', which is a tasty slice for their upcoming album, which I can't wait to hear. Feat your eyes & ears, like so:

Thirdly, EP PROGRESS! We've got time booked in a week or so to get the last morsels of work done on 'Sierra Bravo' and 'The Impartial Age'. From then on, I fully expect to be throwing release dates at you and telling you to stand ready for incoming hot rocks of AOTV-standard proportions. I spent last weekend with Matt, figuring out synth parts. It was productive, as you can see below. Meanwhile, I'm already plotting the debut AOTV record, because that's how my mind works.

Fourthly (not to mention finally), INSTAGRAM! I recently discovered a new function on Instagram Stories, whereby you can place an interactive Question sticker on your post, which you can type in and submit a question! And then we can answer it! So head to and get on the nonsense - you can ask us anything.

That's all folks, see you in Alsager!

John xx

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