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I Will Feed You Bees

It seems that a very long time has been spent talking up the songs that will eventually appear on our sophomore EP, ‘The Impartial Age’.  From inside the AOTV bubble,* progress has been speedy & slow all at once.

There are many stories that pair up with the planning & making of this EP - not to mention our forthcoming debut single** - but I won’t crash through them all now.  I will tell you that our initial recording session in October more than broke the back of the recording process.  One weekend at the start of the month saw the drums, bass guitar, electric guitars, and vocals worked through, with time to spare for a spot of upright bass.  It was phenomenally productive.

What we have run up against, though, is human adult lives.  My word, they do get in the way.  Christmas zipped past like a pavement cyclist bombing it through the winter darkness and scattering pedestrians into the road, while golden nuggets of Jack’s lead guitar takes turned up in our google drive.  Ever since then we have battled against work, life, family, our other bands, fevers, and bronchitis.  It’s not been easy, but the home stretch is in sight.  Things are getting done, as evidenced by this photo of SBT during a backing vocals session.

Soon Matt & I will be hitting up UTC Studios to add keyboards and create a choir, then it won’t be a million years until some quality pop-rock light-tinged darkness is dropped upon you.  We have bittersweet plans, and we can’t wait to share them with you.

In the meantime, fuck the government, fuck Brexit, and be fuckin’ good to people.


PS:  Oh yeah!  Duncan & I are playing an acoustic set supporting King Kula as part of Your City Festival, on Saturday 31st March, at the Underground.  Doors open at 7pm, get tickets from us or pay at the door.

* This definitely exists, by the way, I haven’t just made that up - there is a literal, actual, bubble for which I will never divulge the location, lest I be forced to hide you in an attic and feed you bees.

** Called ‘Sierra Bravo’, FYI.

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