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Old News Backlog

I am about to switch from having a constantly updated text-box full of news to using a custom blog with news updates, which is something I can't believe I hadn't thought of when I created this website a few years back. So in the spirit of there being something you might want to read from the old news updates, you can read them here! Go nuts.

16th October 2017

Sing Along At Home!

Good evening! (Depending on when you're reading this.)

Those among you who enjoy a decent singalong when listening to music will be delighted to learn that you can, if you want to, get the lyrics to our debut EP from the new 'Here Comes The Brim' Lyrics Page!

Go forth, sweetpeas, and belt 'em out!

John xxx

13th October 2017

Meet The Vapours!

Hey everyone!

You'll be pleased to know that the band bios are now online! Typos have been straightened out, and one or two dissatisfying glitches with the smartphone view have now been tidied up. So, get to know John, Jack, SBT, Matt, and Duncan HERE.

Happy reading!

John xxx

10th October 2017

Dromatisation, Pt 2

Hey everyone!

A lot's happened again in the last three months, in that recording has finally begun on our next batch of releases. We got ourselves over to DROMA Records on Saturday 30th September, and spent two days laying the foundations of our aforementioned single and EP. Quite the adventure it was too, with SBT being an absolute drumming powerhouse and rising to some considerable challenges (we expected little else, in all honesty), Duncan Wilcox earning the nickname I seem to have given him (Bass Commander Wilcox, if you must know), and Jack Tasker calmly-yet-enthusiastically engineering & guiding us through drums, bass, guitar, and vocal recordings, all while shrugging off the remains of a cold.

All in all, things are going well. Still more to do, and Matt Tyrer will be joining us in the studio before too long. In the meantime, you can see some photos from the first DROMA weekend weekend here.

In other news, the promise I made some time ago to introduce the band via a BIO section is slowly coming to fruition. Keep 'em peeled...

John xxx

12th July 2017


Hey everyone, hope you're well.

A lot's happened in the last three months, so I will try to break it down.

- Lymelight Festival was great fun. I watched pretty much the whole festival from Saturday to Monday (I missed Friday night, as we were rehearsing). You can read my whimsical recollections of it here, or you can read Emily Jones' slightly better-focused review at E Major blog, here.

- Matt Tyrer released his second solo record on 30th June, entitled 'I Love You, But You're Not Helping'. On 1st July, we did a webcast via his Facebook page, which I heartily endorse watching. I played bass for him, as he seems to have used up all Stoke's available bassists. [cheeky wink to camera]

- I played an acoustic set for The Honey Box Live Season 1 finale on 2nd July. Another great experience, and the work that goes into each show is nothing short of excellent. Also on the bill were the aforementioned Emily Jones, Onyda, LFE, and King Kula. A mighty episode, and I was a last-minute addition to the bill. Proud to be part of it.

- Of course, it can't all be good news. Craig Flackett has played drums for us since we started playing shows, and is a loyal, enthusiastic supporter of all things AOTV. Unfortunately, things beyond our control have meant that he has had to leave AOTV, and we wish him all the best. You never really leave AOTV, so maybe we'll see him in the ranks again one day. We salute you, Craig!

- The above news has meant that there has been a little shake-up in the ranks. Joining us for the imminent recording sessions will be the inimitible Sophie Bret Tasker on drums, alongside Duncan Wilcox, Matt Tyrer, Jack Tasker, and, er, me. We will be setting up to record a single, 'Sierra Bravo', and our 2nd EP, 'The Impartial Age', at Droma Records.

Keep 'em peeled...

John xxx

5th April 2017

The More Things Change...

Stuff is going on! Where to start? Oh, I know:

Slight update on the shows this month.

15th April - SOLO SET, 3:25pm, The Exchange, Hanley. You'll hear some new material at this show, FOR THE FIRST TIME.

29th April - FULL BAND SHOW, 6pm, Newcastle-under-Lyme Town Centre. You'll hear new material here too, but with MORE NOISE. You have NO REASON to miss these EXCLUSIVE AOTV performances.

The other slice of news is that in the coming weeks, Here Comes The Brim will be coming down from its perches on iTunes & Spotify, but NEVER FEAR. It will be back up almost straight away, under the hospitable wing of Vicious Rabbit Records, a new label that is also hosting Matt Tyrer. I will detail more about all this when the time comes, but I just thought you'd like to get a heads-up. Matt's got a new album coming soon, so head to his social media and like/follow/subscribe to make sure you're first in line to hear the news. (I appear on the new record, so can't wait to hear the finished product!)

That's all for now, hopefully the next time we speak, recording plans will be in place for our next EP. Until then, stay safe.

John xx

17th March 2017

Here's how it is...

Good day! I thought I'd provide an update, which includes dates for your diary:

We will playing two dates in April 2017, namely Your City festival, and Lymelight Festival, two brilliant and local celebrations of Staffordshire talent.

15th April - 3:25pm, The Exchange, Hanley

29th April - 6pm, Newcastle-under-Lyme Town Centre

See you there,

John xx

27th February 2017

Where does the time go?!

Hey everyone! Since we last spoke, we played our show at The Foxlowe (my amp died), the Staffordshire & Cheshire Music Awards came & went (we didn't win, but the night was amazing), and preparation work has begun on our second EP. Initial run-ups to the project have been a bit chaotic, which I'm sure I will elaborate on at some point, but a way forward is starting to form. I can't wait to crack on and get some fresh music into your ears.

Keep 'em peeled, folks!

John xx

20th December 2016

Gig News! Award Nomination! EXCITEMENT!

Merry impending Festives, folks!

After all the fun & games we had in September, everyone at AOTV Heights has hunkered down to watch the incoming apocalypse that has laid waste to 2016. Between Brexit, Trump, the new rise of fascism, and pretty much everyone famous dying, it's all been a lot to take, hasn't it? I know I've been having trouble digesting it.

Still, as the shadows lengthen over our rights & freedoms, I do have some nice things to report (believe it or not).

FIRST: 'Here Comes The Brim' has been nominated for Best EP at this year's Music Awards Of Staffordshire & Cheshire! Voting begins on 25th December, so stay tuned for news on how you can vote. We're beyond chuffed that we've been put in a shortlist alongside some great acts, including Oli Ng and CAMP STAG. Wonderful stuff.

SECOND: We are playing at the Foxlowe Arts Centre in Leek this Friday night, doors open 8pm, Pay What You Want on the door. Supporting us are Human Industrial Wake, Vertigo Fish, and Emily Jones. An excellent bill for what should be an excellent night. If you're wondering what to do this Christmas Eve Eve, then the answer is "Come to this gig!"

Until we meet again,

John xx

20th September 2016

'Here Comes The Brim' is AVAILABLE!

Hello again! Well, our EP has taken its first steps into the world, and is now available to buy on our Bandcamp page. In just a couple of days, the final stage of its release roll-out will have happened, and it will be available on various digital platforms such as iTunes and Spotify (more on this as the release happens).

We've also had some nice reviews for 'Here Comes The Brim' over the weekend, and we have updated the PRESS page of this site accordingly, so please have a peruse of the blogs that have written about us.

In the meantime, thanks to those who attended our release show on Friday night, we had a blast (apart from the bit when my guitar sound went to pot halfway through, thankfully it only lasted a couple of songs, but it scared the willies out of me).

If you've bought 'Here Comes The Brim', thank you and we hope you enjoy it! If you haven't, then we strongly recommend that you do.

John xx

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