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Good day to you! Now I've done my old news-splurge, it's time to bring you a new-news-splurge.

Work continues apace on our sophomore EP and first-ever single. Now that the dust has settled on Christmas, Jack & SBT's label DROMA Records has got plenty going on, with the release of the TASKRZ single 'Hogs From Hell', Emily Jones' 'A Turn Of The Tide' EP, and Jack's one-song-a-week project '52 Reasons'. Also now up for preorder is 'The Nicest Day', the debut EP from SBT's project 'Futurewife', which SBT had been chatting about when we started recording 'The Impartial Age'.

So - 'The Impartial Age', then. Not to mention 'Sierra Bravo', which will be our first single release of 2018. Artwork is currently being decided upon while we wait to complete the recordings, but we have secured work from a brilliant artist, Nina Jovanovich. I strongly recommend you go to her RedBubble page, try and guess which of her works is going to grace our EP release, and give her some support by purchasing one of her designs as a t-shirt/hoodie/anything you want.

That's all for now, more news as it arrives.


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